Meet Amy

Many moons ago, Amy volunteered with the Peace Corps in Kyrgyzstan in Central Asia. Living in a developing country gave her a new perspective on parenting: Childbirth was viewed as natural and mother-centric; public breastfeeding, baby wearing, and bed-sharing were all routine. She returned home wanting to support women and partners in their parenting journey—on whichever path they chose.

Now, Amy is a birth worker in Chicago with more than five years of professional experience. She knows that becoming a parent or expanding a family involves so much more than the moment of birth. Amy supports women emotionally, physically, and educationally throughout the pregnancy, during childbirth, and in the postpartum period.

As a Birthing From Within mentor, Amy is well-versed in pain-coping practices and how to guide women through the unexpected events that can occur during labor. She mentors women and their partners to prepare for childbirth through self-discovery and to learn practical information about birth, newborn care, and shifts in family dynamics. The purpose of Birthing From Within is to prepare mothers to give birth-in-awareness, not to achieve a specific outcome.

In addition to doula services, Amy teaches childbirth classes and is a licensed massage therapist, specializing in prenatal and postnatal massage. She continues to deepen her birth knowledge through workshops, readings, and intensive self-study. Amy lives with her husband and two sons in Berwyn.

Professional Qualifications
DONA International Certified Birth Doula
Birthing From Within Mentor
Licensed Massage Therapist
Accredited La Leche League Leader